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Tax Shelter Litigation

Our tax shelter practice is led by David Deary and Ralph Canada. Our team of highly-skilled, uniquely qualified attorneys has aggressively represented hundreds of high-net-worth individuals and companies in litigation against national and international accounting firms, law firms, and investment firms who promoted and sold illegal and abusive tax shelters to our clients.

We represent individuals and companies nationwide who have been victims of tax shelter schemes disallowed by the IRS and/or tax court. We have gone toe-to-toe against some of the biggest and most powerful accounting, investment, and law firms and have prevailed on behalf of our clients with substantial recoveries.

The Firm has substantial experience representing individuals and/or companies in virtually every type of illegal and abusive tax shelter, including but not limited to:

  • Spread Options
  • Digital Options
  • Binary Options
  • Numerous Other Varieties of so-called Son of BOSS Strategies
  • OPIS
  • Foreign Currency Derivatives
  • Distressed Asset Debt
  • 419 Life Insurance
  • BART
  • Contingent Deferred SWAPS
  • Syndicated Conservation Easements
  • Captive Insurance Companies

Download our tax shelter brochure for additional information.

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